Soul Expansion Stories

I want to share stories of deep healing that I have either had the privilege of witnessing or are from my own process of healing. I truly believe we all benefit greatly from shared stories. Cultures throughout the world have had oral traditions for eons that help their members connect to life more deeply. Westerners got lost in all the power of explanation that came with science, often leaving us empty vessels in terms of meaning, of magic, of spiritual realizations, of inner transformations. Good stories are emotionally charged, they bring you on a journey, they allow you to walk in another person's shoes for a while, which helps to expand your mind and open your heart to other realities than your own. Stories are awesome!!!

And so, this section of the web site is dedicated to stories of Soul Healing and Expansion. In order to protect the privacy of those who have experienced these healings with me, these stories will not have authors.   Not everyone wants to share their deep realizations with the whole world, and I deeply respect that and I always will.  Nevertheless, we all benefit from hearing such stories, so I share these without mentioning names, only generic information to contextualize the story. The only exception to this rule is when I share my own story, for which I will go in greater detail to foster a deep understanding of how the process of healing happens.  

I hope these stories will impact your consciousness and offer it examples of transformations that impact your own process! ♥