The A to Z of Soul Alchemy Premium Program

This premium program is offered once a year and involves one on one sessions (going from 90 to 120 minutes) every 2 weeks throughout a 6 month period, as well as individual integration work that needs to be completed before the following scheduled one on one session. Support is offered during the integration weeks through group calls (Zoom or Facebook Live) as well as video-based presentations and audio-based guided meditations.

In order to ensure the highest level of support for each participant enrolled in this 6 month-long program, I only accept a total of 13 participants per program. I also require a 30 minute Skype meeting with each person that wants to join the program, in order to make sure that the program is the right 'fit' for the person at that time in their lives, as well as to ensure that the 13 chosen participants are 'energetically congruent'. Group work can be very powerful, it is therefore very important to me that there be a good flow and synergy of energies for everyone concerned.

The program extends, for those who are willing to go even deeper, into a second one that is fully devoted to healing and taming the Shadow Self. Shadow Self work is level 3 Soul Alchemy, level 1 and 2 which are covered in the 6 month program are absolute prerequisites. Furthermore, completing the full 9 months of this program is required to do the training to become a facilitator of this powerful method.

Stay tuned for more information about the content of this 6 to 9 month program, through which you will learn 'The A to Z of Soul Alchemy' and experience very deep levels of soul expansion and spiritual realization. Provide your email address in the form below ('Soul Expansion News') to be the first to know when the next 'round' will start. My aim is to have the full description of this program up on this page by September 2017, and I will tentatively state that the next round of this program will start up in January or February 2018 - the beginning of the Universal Year 2, which is all about connecting and collaborating. How suiting as this is basically what we will be doing: facilitating your process of bringing your humanity and divinity into a collaborative and expansive relationship!

Although there is little information at this time on this site (I am actively building it), if you already feel high resonance with my energy and want to start discovering your Soul Landscape as soon as possible, I have other offers you can explore. Some involve only one on one work (individual sessions, spiritual mentorship packages) which you can explore in the Soul Mentoring section of the site. Others are in group settings and of shorter duration, such as the other Premium Program I offer called Healing the Goddess (6 weeks), as well as my very popular 10 week Meditation course which I am in the process of transforming into an online course (stay tuned!).

May our Souls connect and expand together, in Love and Laughter!!!